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Federal Criminal Conspiracy / Wire Fraud / Bank Fraud

Federal Criminal Conspiracy / Wire Fraud / Bank Fraud

Representation of Individual who was arrested for alleged involvement in a complex money laundering operation based in Brooklyn with other co-conspirators. 

Per the charges, the group opened numerous bank accounts in the name of shell companies for the purpose of laundering money stolen from consumers who were trying to buy vehicles online. Other members of the conspiracy, pretending to represent car dealerships, advertised vehicles that they did not own and were not authorized to sell on fake websites with domain names that sounded like legitimate car dealerships, or through online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay. 

In total, dozens of victims were defrauded of a total of at least $5.3 million.

Result: Below-Guideline Custodial Sentence

United States District Court – Southern District of New York. 

Docket: 21 Cr 00295


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